Does a Bigger House Make You Happier?

Jackie Sublett
Jackie Sublett

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Sometimes, if you had just a bit more space, everything would be so much easier. When you need an upgrade, there are times where a major overhaul of space can be necessary. And what qualifies as a ‘big’ house is rather relative, depending on your current space and what you consider to be spacious.

So can a larger house really make you happier? We look at the benefits of a bigger house versus the benefits of a smaller house. It is important to look at everything from your personal situation before choosing the size in terms of needs and financial capability. Ultimately, whether a bigger house will make you happier depends on – well, you.


Big house with yard


Benefits of a bigger house

There can be a lot of upsides to a bigger home, and it depends on what you intend to use the space for and who you want to share the space with. It is important to keep in mind that larger homes usually have bigger price tags, and larger monthly mortgage payments can actually cancel out the ease of more space if you are struggling to make ends meet.


1. More space

The obvious benefit of a bigger house is space! And that can be helpful in simply how you live and move in this world. When you have space to exist and fit into space, things can seem to just flow better. Not to mention, bigger spaces come with other amenities and appliances, such as a dishwasher or laundry, making two chores significantly easier to accomplish.


2. Life transitions and milestones

Sometimes, it is just time to get a bigger space. Wherever you are in life, getting a bigger house can align better with your goals and where you are headed in the future. For example, you might be getting married or making arrangements for kids. When more people start entering the equation, more space is a better option so that everyone can experience comfort.

Other times, you may just want to get out of shared living space. Maybe that is with your parents, a roommate or five, or another living situation. A bigger house can give you a sense of personal space that is not afforded in a place shared with other people.


3. Home office/gym/studio

Having more space can make life a lot easier when it comes to work and leisure. If you work from home or are looking to start one, having a home office can make a difference. Having a separate room from work that exists separately from the rest of the house can help clear physical boundaries for work.

Other amenities like having a home gym or studio for art, yoga, gaming, or whatever your needs are can be realities with a bigger home. If you are someone who wants to work out before starting the day and having a home gym would make that a lot easier for you, a bigger home can provide that for you. Or, if you want to have a space to meditate or craft or stream or just simply pursue your hobbies and interests, a bigger house can be beneficial.


4. Yard space

Having your own yard can benefit and give your family an experience of the outdoors and green space. Or, if you are a fan of summer barbecues and larger outdoor gatherings, a yard can allow for you and your guests to be comfortable and spread out.

Small new houses


Benefits of a smaller house

There are some upsides to having a smaller house. If you are just looking for a starter home, then smaller houses may be better for your situation. Again, depending on your finances, life goals, and current living situation, a smaller house may be better. You might be surprised at how much more space you have in just simply moving from a 500 square foot apartment to an 850 square foot house. There are a lot of benefits to a smaller house.


1. Lower costs

Smaller houses cost less because there is simply less space to pay for so, it may be better for your budget or current financial situation. The lower sales price can save your savings for an upgrade later in the future, especially if you are just looking for a starting home or looking to get away from renting. There are also lower escrow costs and property taxes to keep some of your money in your bank account versus pouring it all into one property.

Smaller houses are also cheaper to furnish. In terms of utilities, these cost less. Repairs and maintenance are also cheaper because it’s easier to take care of less space — at least initially. Renovation costs are also cheaper, so you can personalize the space to better suit you.


2. Lower mortgage

A lower mortgage payment every month leads to a better income-to-debt ratio at the end of the month. So, you can save for other things like a newer car or start saving for a bigger house down the line.


3. Cheaper insurance


A smaller house does not have as much to insure in terms of the property itself, leading to lower insurance costs. Lower insurance costs are just other ways to save money for other things. It also helps to get your feet wet in homeownership because insurance might be a new thing to have in terms of bills.


Is having a bigger house worth it?

The ideal house size all depends on you. The amount of space you need for you, your life, and your family is something to consider when looking at bigger houses. Another aspect is your financial capability to afford the costs, expenses, and other things that come with having more space. If the numbers are not in your favor, then there is nothing wrong with starting small.

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