Renter Home Loan Programs

Helping Renters Reach Ownership

Providing Incredible Savings to Renters

We are here to help renters achieve their dream of owning a home. Our team at Hero Home Programs™ is committed to helping you get the home financing you deserve. Owning a home should be a reality for everyone. We have mortgage programs, grants, and other discounts available that renters can take advantage of. Our programs are available to help renters become homeowners. Let us help you break free from the renting cycle and get into your dream home today!

How Much Can You Save?

In some situations, you may pay less money per month to rent a home rather than paying the mortgage on a home. However, when you purchase a home, you will gain benefits you don’t have access to while renting. Over time, being a homeowner will save you more money and you will also have a solid investment. Hero Home Programs is here to help you get the best deal possible when you decide to purchase a home. We may be able to get you grants, vendor discounts, or first-time homebuyer credits.

Making Home Loans for Renters Possible

The world can be a tough place. We see day in and day out how people work hard and still don’t get to enjoy owning their own homes. In addition, to our programs for veterans, first responders, and more, we also source mortgage programs, grants, and discounts that renters can take advantage of. Homeownership should not be exclusive to a lucky few! We believe owning a home should be a reality for everyone.

The Benefits of Our Renter Home Loans

We have put together a long list of items you could benefit from when buying your first home. Depending on where you live, you may have access to an array of benefits, including:

Helping Young Married Couple With Our Hero Home Programs

Getting Out of the Renting Cycle

You work hard to pay the rent each month and you’re happy to keep a roof over your head. Compared to owning a home, renting can be like throwing your money away. Your home is always a temporary fix, and the money is not going toward your future.

With rent to own homes or first-time homebuyer programs, you can get into a home of your own at an affordable price. You can even find options that allow you to purchase a home with little to no money down. Now, each month your money will be going towards the future and not your landlord’s pocket!

Family Bought A House With Our Home Loan For Heroes

Making Dreams a Reality

There’s no describing the feeling of walking into a home that you own for the first time. In the past, many people in the US felt like owning a home would never be a realistic option for them.

With our renter home loan programs, you can own a home and you can own it at a price you can afford. We have gathered all the best in mortgages, rent to own homes, and vendor discounts so that you can find and purchase your first home at the best price point. You might even find a property that you can use to generate rental income and cover your mortgage. Almost anything is possible with our rental income home loan options.

Our Personal Commitment

We understand that buying a home for the first time can be intimidating. That’s why we promise to work with you and stand by you each step of the way. We’ve done all of the legwork, and we know what needs to be done. We can provide you wih the advice and guidance you need to find and purchase a home quickly and affordably – and our commitment is to provide that knowledge and service to you.

Stop Renting & Find Your New Home Today!

Your hard-earned money should be going into an investment in your future, not lining a landlord’s pockets. Get in touch with our team right away to get started on your home owning future. Our renter home loans, rent to own homes, and a wide range of vendor discounts can make it all happen! Don’t have money for a large down payment? You have a range of options, including lease to own homes. Contact us today and allow us to help you find the home of your dreams.


Can You Rent and Have a Mortgage?

If you can make both payments, yes. Many people stay in a rental while renting out the home they own. The rent collected from the second home can cover the mortgage and even generate monthly cash income.

Is Owning a Home Cheaper Than Renting?

Yes, it can be. With a mortgage with a good rate, you can save thousands of dollars each year and often find a place that is bigger than your current space.

How Do You Qualify for a Mortgage on a Rental Property?

Many people don’t realize that many owners often consider selling their properties on a rent to own or lease to own basis. What this involves is renting the property; then, each month, part of your rental payment goes toward the purchase price of the home. At the end of your lease, you have the option of applying for a mortgage and purchasing the home.

How Can I Buy a House With No Money?

You have a range of options when it comes to buying a house with no money. Many states offer special first-time home programs, for one, and many sellers also consider rent to own home deals that allow you to invest part of your rental payment each month toward your eventual purchase.

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