What Makes a HERO?

What Makes a HERO
Jacquelyn Sublett
Jacquelyn Sublett

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Heroes can be a part of any profession, but overall they are people who are selfless, generous, giving, and are committed to making others’ lives better and safer.

Heroes are people who exemplify positive qualities and can set a good example for others. They are the models of society who we can look to for advice and for adherence to values and morals. Heroes are ordinary people who make choices every day to make the world a better place to live.


What is a HERO?

A hero is a person who has committed to a lifestyle that helps others and does not cause distress to others. While there are some consistent qualities that heroes possess, becoming a hero is not necessarily a certain set of standards to strive to reach, but instead is based on the action of the individual and the way they impact others. The way a person influences others can make them a hero, even if they do not have a specific title or profession.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is their desire to help others and make the world a better place. Because heroes are so versatile and different they are also inspirational for many different types of people.


Modern-day Hero - Firefighters


What makes a HERO?

Identifying a hero isn’t always as simple as listing a set of attributes. The characteristic of bravery and courage that one shows running into a burning building may not be what the emphatic lifelong nurse experiences. However, there are a number of personality traits that heroes share. These traits include:

  • Reliability
  • Dependability
  • Moral
  • Ethical
  • Committed
  • Consistent
  • Generous

Every day heroes are often able to put themselves in someone else’s situation. They have an “others first” mindset and put concern for those around them above their own safety.


Who are our daily modern-day HEROES?

There are so many modern-day heroes in our society. Military—both current servicemen and veterans—healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, civil service agents, social workers and so many more. Each of these sectors is made up of people who want to make a difference in the lives of many people and has committed to making people’s lives better, safer, and smoother.

They are people who, day in and day out, take risks that others would not normally take, at the expense of helping somebody else. Often, they take those risks for people that they don’t even know.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these modern-day heroes.


Military servicemen

People in the military are considered heroes for their service to the country and their commitment to creating a safe place for their citizens within the world. They constantly put others’ safety—the whole country’s, in fact—before their own.


First responders

First Responders are considered heroes because they arrive at the scene of accidents first, and are able to react calmly to save lives. They are brave and committed to helping others through medicine, quick action, and bravery.


Healthcare workers

Healthcare professionals fit this category as well because they sign an oath to help all people who are experiencing illness, disease, or another medical emergency. Not many people saw healthcare workers as heroes until Covid-19. Today, healthcare workers are at the top of many people’s heroes list.



Teachers are heroes to many people because they give their time generously in order to share their knowledge with others. Teachers are able to lead the next generation of leaders and heroes so society continues to function with a commitment to values and ideals.


Honoring our HEROES

Honoring our heroes is an important way to show them how much we appreciate their service and contribution. Teachers, medical professionals, veterans, and other heroes often have special programs available to allocate special resources as thanks for their service.

Not only are many of these professionals given benefits and retirement plans that support them with resources throughout their lives, but they also have access to many additional privileges such as discounts and assistance with home purchases.


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