What Are the Benefits of Being an Early Childhood Teacher?

What Are the Benefits of Being an Early Childhood Teacher?
Jackie Sublett
Jackie Sublett

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When you are trying to decide on a career it benefits you to give a thought to one of the more rewarding fields available: early childhood education. Not only is being an early childhood teacher a fulfilling career but those in this field will also find an overabundance of benefits, both professionally and personally.


But isn’t teaching pre-schoolers hard?

As with any career, teaching young children requires some level of skill. But don’t despair! With a bit of patience and a willingness to learn, it’s very doable.

A kind and calm demeanor go a long way to winning over little ones. They have a ton of energy, and will often need redirection. Speak firmly and make your directions clear. When transitioning to a new activity, give them advance warning—for example: “You can play for five more minutes, then we’re doing storytime.” First and foremost, believe in yourself. If you enjoy kids and watching them learn and grow, a career in this field might be a good fit for you.


Child in preschool


So, what exactly makes early childhood teacher a rewarding career?

There are many professional benefits for early childhood educators, but what about personal fulfillment in early childhood education? What are the non-pecuniary benefits of teaching little kids? Let’s take a look at a few.


The joy of childhood firsts

There is nothing more special than sharing the excitement of a child learning or experiencing something for the first time. You’ll be a part of the joy when your students discover that they can recognize letters and numbers, the first steps in a lifetime of learning.


Keep your own brain young

The human brain never loses its ability to make new connections, and the more we challenge it as adults, the better it is for our brain health. The various responsibilities tackled in this job will help you to become a better multitasker in both work and home life.


Nourish your inner child

Sharing the ups and downs of your young charges will let you experience the fun of childhood all over again. It’s not all discipline. You’ll also get playtime with those who really know how to do it!


Creativity abounds

Do you remember the font of pure imagination from your own childhood? Working with little ones is an excellent outlet for tapping back into the creative flow in your own life. Planning and executing activities and projects will inspire that flow both on and off the job.


Practicing patience

How do you think Mr. Rogers cultivated that universally loved demeanor? It was from working with small kids his entire life. In a career with children, you will build and practice greater patience over time, another excellent tool for your professional toolkit.


Be a nurturer

Working with kids will develop your nurturing side — to comfort them when they bump their knee, to celebrate with them when they color a picture, to be a cheerleader during a difficult task. These moments will become some of your most memorable memories.


Be a health influencer

You’ll be the teacher and encourager of healthy hygiene habits, eating habits, and exercise habits for your students. What could be more rewarding than setting a child on the path to a lifetime of good health?


The sweetness of a thank you

These little ones remember you. You may never receive an actual thank you for being a positive influence in their early life, but the impact is there.


Learning every day

In the field of education, not only are the children learning something new every day, you are too. Working together, you help them to become their best selves, and they teach you in return. Patience, love, that fun game you played when you were little but forgot. It’s a rewarding give and takes and an enriching symbiosis.


teacher sitting with her students


What are the benefits of being an early childhood teacher?

As we discussed above, there are many personal benefits to being an early childhood teacher. But what about professionally?

Early childhood teachers will find that this career path is a path toward growth. Starting as an early childhood educator paves the way for professional opportunities, leading to higher-paying jobs in the education field. The skills that are built working with young children can even translate into other fields as you build your professional toolbox.


Job growth on the rise

There will always be a need for early childhood educators. The job growth pace in this field is expected to rise 11% over the next five years, with opportunities available in almost every state in America.


Flexible working hours

Have you ever envied teachers and other school professionals their working hours? Work while your own children are in school and without having to worry about childcare costs. Enjoy holidays off on your kids’ schedule, as well as a summer break to rest or take up seasonal work as desired.


Healthcare benefits

Many early childhood teachers enjoy the security of full health care coverage for themselves and their families. Many organizations that employ early childhood educators also offer retirement packages.


Housing benefits

As an educator, you will be able to take advantage of the Hero Home Program. This program helps make homeownership more affordable by enabling first responders, military, and educators across the board to receive discounts on mortgage rates, grants for down payments, and more. They also help you find discounted rates on various services such as insurance, movers, cleaners, inspectors, and more.


Contact us today!

Early childhood education is not for everyone. But for those who can see the potential in this career, some endless benefits and rewards translate to all parts of life and offer growth and possibility for years to come. Request a consultation with us today!

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