The 7 Best Ways to Maximize Space in Your Home

Jackie Sublett
Jackie Sublett

Writer @ Hero Home Programs™

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Not only does a cramped and cluttered space add a lot of stress to your daily life, but it can also lower your home’s value. Here are some tips to maximizing the space in your home.


1. Open up your entryway

The very first room your guests enter should feel welcoming and spacious. Unfortunately, with shoes, mail, and packages, the entryway can get messy quickly. Using a bench with shoe storage helps keep this space tidy. Also consider getting sorting baskets for your mail, along with decorative recycling/garbage bins to keep spam mail from stacking up.


2. Use your vertical space

Raising items upwards makes your ceiling feel higher while freeing up floor space. Some ways to use your vertical space: an adjustable TV mount, taller cabinets, and bookcases, installing a floating laptop desk that folds up into the wall, mounting hooks for coats and hats, even raising your curtain rods above your windows.



3. Try customized storage

Customized storage solutions make the most out of your home’s unique layout. Many homeowners install items such as built-in cabinets under their window sills, mounted shelving in the garage, mudroom benches with pull-out drawers, bookcases under the stairs, the options are endless! Adding in these storage solutions can utilize every last inch of extra space in your home.


4. Use neutral colors and add texture

Features like dark, heavy curtains can shrink your living room space. But lighter, neutral colors complement the lighting to make your home feel larger and more inviting. It’s also important to add texture to your decor to give your rooms more depth. For instance, macrame wall art can create texture without adding clutter.


5. Use mirrors and lighting to your advantage

Investing in some large mirrors is known to create the illusion of more space. In fact, large round mirrors are especially helpful at reflecting light so as to open up a room. Also, for smaller spaces like a guest bathroom, installing brighter lighting can actually “widen” the space. The darker the room, the smaller the space will appear.


6. Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes

Investing in nice, multipurpose furniture can transform a cluttered space! For instance, an ottoman with hidden storage, or an end table with decorative baskets attached. There are infinite storage solutions available. But remember, it’s important to make every piece count, so think carefully about how you’ll use new furniture before you buy.


7. Think big

While it may be tempting to display your favorite knick-knacks on your shelf, the more small items you display, the more cramped your home will feel. The same goes for decorative installations such as your bathroom tiles. Fewer, larger tiles in your bathroom will maximize the space better than if you opt for crowded, intricate shapes.

Also, oversized artwork can actually create the illusion of more space. Large-scale decor can add a stunning impact and make a room seem bigger than it actually is. Overall, when decorating your home, you should opt for larger, fewer pieces over more crowded and intricate designs.

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